It is our honor to welcome you to MACH CHIFFON AND FABRICS

Welcome To Mach Chiffon And Fabrics

MACH CHIFFON AND FABRICS was established in 2018 with the vision of celebrating the grandness and royalty of Ethiopian, Eritrean cultures and traditions. Since 2018, we’ve successfully delivered many women chiffon dresses. We look forward to continuing to build relationships, and grow with our clients and building owners.

MACH CHIFFONS is the formal clothing worn during Ethiopian holidays or on special occasions.

Our Chiffons


Filled with beautiful colors, combinations, eye-pleasing prints, intricate embroidery, and threadwork

The new collection of chiffon wear for women will definitely help you get that perfect dress for your little fashionista

We provide ready-to-wear and pre-ordered chiffon dresses in different sizes and designs for our customers

Graceful shape and vibrant colours, which have a major impact on the modern fashion industry

We provide the most up-to-date cultural Ethiopian wear for women, which is well-liked and praised by all

We believe quality should never be a compromise

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Our personnel are ever ready to listen and attend to your specific needs.