About Us

Mach chiffon brand invented pre-order and ready-made Cultural wear dresses for women. Our products are made to be wearable for different occasions, such as holidays, weddings, melse, timket and kirstna. The mix & match collection of chiffon wear for women by Mach chiffon reflects its modern approach towards fashion. All the trendy patterns and color combination, even designing got a contemporary touch too.

The time is now ripe for us to take our range of exclusive women’s clothing online and have a far greater reach for our garments, making them available to every desirable woman across the globe.

Cultural wear for women designed by Mach not only presents impeccable design but also shows the evolution of Ethiopian cultural dresses in its collection. Customers who cannot come to the store can also enjoy shopping online.

We have something appropriate for every woman. GET AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER!


To be in the service of providing a variety of high-quality dresses in various designs on time


To provide Habesha craft enthusiasts with high-quality fabrics and traditional products